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Site History Seiten-Historie

This page tells the history of this website. Die Seite erzählt die Geschichte dieser Webseite.

February, 28th of 2014 28. Februar 2014
  • Streamline HTML code (no content change) Bereinige HTML-Code (Inhalt unverändert)
July, 8th of 2004 8. Juli 2004
  • Some rooms in the Gallery filled with pictures. Einige Räume der Galerie mit Bildern gefüllt.
  • Chapter "Geology - Thesis " filled with scanned version Kapitel "Geologie - Diplomarbeit " gefüllt mit der Scan-Version
May, 22th of 2004 22. Mai 2004 New chapter "Special Section - Irenes Album" Neues Kapitel "Special Section - Irenes Album"
April, 9th of 2001 09. April 2001
13. Dezember 2000 December, 13th 2000 Moving from CompuServe Ourworld to new domain www.n-maier.de Moving from CompuServe Ourworld to new domain www.n-maier.de
September, 20th of 2000 22. September 2000 Renewed chapter "Throwing", now with link to www.axtwerfen.de Renovierung Kapitel "Werfen", jetzt mit Verweis auf www.axtwerfen.de
  • Chapter Gallery divided into rooms.
  • Portraits room filled with two pictures.
  • Chapter Music now with 29 songs.
  • In chapter "Webwide" link logos completed.
  • No broken links.
  • Statistics: 293 files, 1.99 MB.
1998-August-09 New counter on frontpage.
1998-August-05 Logos introduced in the links chapter
  • New chapter "Computer - Joystick Paper".
  • New subchapters Blackboard for each (9) chapter.
1996-November-09 Put a chapter hierarchy behind the frontpage.
1996-October-19 First upload to CompuServe's Ourworld homepage area.